Forum Rules
Forum Rules

1. First and foremost, act like a grown adult, which means no flaming, spamming, or trolling in discussions. Everyone walks a different path, and the focus is to promote the music we enjoy. If you come here to give people a hard time, you will be shown the way out.

2. Derailing threads is not acceptable by any means. While discussions can often splinter into different sets, it should be common courtesy to either stop it right in its tracks or continue the current side of the discussion in a different thread or in a private message.

3. You may only have one personal account on these forums. If we find out you've been creating sockpuppets for any reason at all, you could be removed from the community altogether. All IP addresses and e-mail addresses tying to your accounts will be banned. No one has the time to play games.

4. On top of only having one account, you must agree that when you register, you're to keep that account with you permanently. Username change requests are not acceptable. You have no permission to delete any of your posts, and we will not accept requests to delete multiple posts or your account altogether. If you have a legitimate reason for wanting a certain post or two deleted, then contact one of us, and we'll consider that favor.

5. Because this is a music-based community, derailing threads via "controversial" subjects (e.g. politics, religion) will be frowned upon. There are times when the music is directly under attack, so in that case, it should be acceptable to inform the community on what's going on. That doesn't mean that the discussions should immediately go straight into nonsense that could be discussed at a different forum. Tread carefully, should you participate.

6. Although promoting your label or distro is encouraged, you should post that information in Labels & Distros only. Acceptable to discuss a specific band or album you work with in Main. To prevent spam, any threads in which no one else has replied after you throughout the day will have subsequent posts merged. This is to prevent abuse.

7. No content that would be considered illegal under international laws.

Label Neutrality Policy

Although we are supportive of labels advertising here, we won't have a favoritist approach whatsoever. Kindly promote your operations in Labels & Distros. We welcome all criticism of a label's practices, good and bad. We believe that honesty is key. If problems do occur, then contact us directly to resolve it.